SILVAPAR offers a unique service to identify, evaluate and promote attractive forestry investment opportunities, and to provide professional forestry consulting services.

Our Partners are well known forestry experts, professional foresters, and also land owners with proven experience in forestation, wood processing industry and marketing.

Information for the wood processing and parquet floors production:

SILVAPAR Forestation and Natural Forest Conservation Project:

The project is based on up-to-date scientific methods and aims for the sustainable forestry through forestation with fast growing valuable species of trees ( Eucalyptus grandis, cedar substitute and others ) in addition to management and enrichment of the native forest.

This project allows for a secure and profitable investment in wood production through participation in a joint-venture. We are involved as entrepreneurs in the risk and success of the enterprise.

The fast growing species of trees we plant are ready for felling after only 12 to 14 years and guarantee the annual return equivalent to more than 15 % compounded annually.

The project is structured so that the investor becomes owner of the land, some of the most fertile in the world. Rising land prices and the increase in market value of wood guarantee the security of the investment.

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