Inversiones Forestales, Consultores diseñadores y ejecutores de Proyectos con asociados nacionales e internacionales

Silvapar S.A. es una Empresa consultora creada como herramienta calificada para la promoción de inversiones forestales utilizando la experiencia y calificación de sus asociados, tanto en la evaluación y diseño de proyectos para plantaciones forestales, así como también en la industrialización de la madera.

La participación de nuestros asociados en los Consejos Asesores de las instancias gubernamentales del sector forestal realizó un aporte para la actualización de la legislación y el apoyo al diseño de la política gubernamental que contribuye con el Desarrollo del Sector Forestal en el Paraguay.

En resumen:

Con esta experiencia, y nuestra voluntad de trabajo consideramos que estamos altamente calificados para acompañar proyectos de inversión forestal en el Paraguay.

Silvapar's directors take part and are actively engaged in all national events related to the forestry and environmental sectors, as well as in international events, like the Timber Invest Europe Forum in London in 2014, The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: COP 20 in Lima, Perú in 2014, COP 21 in Paris, France in 2015 and COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco.

Company Profile

Silvapar S.A. is a consulting and project managing company for the promotion of forestry investments, and forestland acquisition whose activities are backed by the recognized expertise of the partners in tree nursery and large forest plantations as well as wood processing. In their capacity as members of the advisory boards of public institutions in charge of forestry matters, Silvapar's partners have provided key inputs for legislation and public policies aiming at developing the forestry sector in Paraguay.

In short:

With this background, Silvapar S.A. is best qualified for managing investment projects in the forestry sector in Paraguay.

Managers job function profiles

Rafael Carlstein, Silvapar S.A., Chairman, economist graduated from the University of Bonn, Germany, longstanding business experience in the forestry sector, currently Vice President of Paraguay's Association of the Wood Processing Industry (FEPAMA) and former Chairman of Mercosur's Council for Sustainable Development of the Forestry Sector (CEDEFOR).

Martin Mautner Markhof, Silvapar S.A., Vice President, is a graduated Ph.D. in agricultural economics and also a chartered agri-engineering consultant. He has worked with the European Union, World Bank, IADB, GIZ, USAID and the private sector. He did for the IADB Bank a study about Tools for Fuelwood Market in Latin America. Pilot Project Paraguay.

Some good reasons to invest in forestry in Paraguay

  1. Paraguay is going through a tremendous process of transition towards development. Investors should have a closer look at a country that has experienced a growth of around 14% during 2013, and is projected to grow at rates of 4-5% annually through 2018.
  2. Overall favourable conditions in the country: an area of 406.000 km2 populated by only 7 million people; a population free from serious social tensions; a flexible legislation free from excesive state intervention in the economy or in citizens' private affairs; plentiful supply of labour, and abundant supply of power generated by hydroelectric dams.
  3. The Government of Paraguay encourages foreign investment and most sectors are open for private investment. Paraguay guarantees equal treatment of foreign investors under law 117/91 and permits full repatriation of capital and profits under law 60/90. Paraguay has historically maintained the lowest tax burden in the region, with a 10% corporate tax rate and a 10% Value-added Tax (VAT) on most goods and services. Foreign and domestic private entities may establish and own business enterprises. Foreign businesses are not legally required to be associated with Paraguayan nationals for investment purposes. There is no restriction on repatriation of capital and profits. Private entities may freely establish, acquire, and dispose of business interests.
  4. The extraordinary and advantageous climatic and soil conditions of the country allow the growth and development of both native and exotic trees, at a much faster pace than in other parts of the world, and gives Paraguay a significant competitive advantage at regional and global levels. Trees grow here faster than in other countries and produce wood for industrial processing as well as fuel in a cost effective manner.
  5. Our partners in Paraguay are land owners with proven experience in forestation and timber processing and marketing.
  6. Forestation in Paraguay has a proven track record:
    • Local land owners have begun forestation projects.
    • FEPAMA (the Paraguayan private sector wood processing industry association) has set up a tree nursery and a pilot forestation.
  7. Last but not least: Increasing world population, the destruction of forests in the developing world and growing scarcity of land for new plantations guarantee secure markets for valuable woods.

Detailed information for investors available on request.

P a r a g u a y : A country situated in the heart of Mercosur, the South American trade block.

Plantacion Plantacion

Forestry Investment

Paraguay: The extraordinary and advantageous climatic and soil conditions of the country has made possible the growth and development of both native and exotic trees, or introduced at a much faster pace than in other parts of the world, and gives Paraguay a significant competitive advantage at regional and global levels. Here the trees grow faster than in other countries, and they can produce in a cost-effective manner, both timber for industrialization and timber for fuel.

Eucalyptus plantations between two and five years old could produce firstly timber for firewood and / or for the production of cellulose pulp, from the thinning of their plantations and then, from twelve to fourteen years old can be harnessed for industrialization as raw material for the production of tables and tie beams as well as wood flooring, furniture, sheets and wood plates.

Paraguay Country Presentation